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Send the latest Natalie news you've heard to steer0pike@aol.com. Contributions to the site are always welcomed and appreciated.

I'd like to thank all the people who have contributed to this site. They have made Natalie Wood Online possible!
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Disclaimer: This is a nonprofit, unofficial Natalie Wood website made by a fan of Natalie's. I am not affiliated with any of her family members. I do not own any of these photos, they are copyrighted to their respected owners. If any of these photos should not be on this site, please notify me immediately and I will gladly take them down or give credit.

12 May 2006 - Rebel Without a Cause photo
I've added (6) Rebel Without a Cause Behind the Scenes photos. It features Natalie asking her co-stars to autograph her jacket. I wonder what ever happened to Natalie's jacket, and if still even exists? I will also be making a new layout for the gallery soon, but for now you will have to tolerate the bland coppermine default look.

News: I read in the NY Times today that the Griffith Observatory is re-opening in the Fall. The article can be found here. There is a picture of the James Dean memorial.

Posted by: Tricia
05 May 2006 - Attempted colorization
I attempted to colorize a black and white Natalie photo. I would like to know what you all think. This is my first attempt to do this on photoshop. It looked crude so I had to resize it to a 400px width photo.

If you like pictures like these I will colorize more in the future. I will also be replacing some of the lower resolution pics and adding higher quality ones in the summer when my exams are over. (credit for photo).

(5) Audio Clips also added to the media section. They were sent to me by Robert, and include Rebel without a Cause, Splendor in the Grass, and more

Posted by: Tricia
25 Apr 2006 - Natalie Wood DVD box set and WSS screencaps
News: It seems as if there has been much talk at Warners about the creation of a Natalie Wood Box set. They have considered it a possibility, and should they actually settle on releasing such a set it will come out next year. (source here).

Another interesting news that Natalie fans might want to know is that Emma from the Natpack recently mentioned that the My Fair Lady DVD has a short footage of Natalie on its extra feature. In the brief footage, Natalie is walking with Frank Sinatra in L.A.

(210) West Side Story screencaps added to the gallery. (13) Wallpapers also added to the extra section, some new ones sent to me by Dragana.

Posted by: Tricia
14 Apr 2006 - Many new photos and FAQ
I've added (7) Young Natalie photos to the gallery, and (4) Natalie with her parents photos. Most of them are high quality and very nice. I've also started on the FAQ site, so please take a look at that. If you would like to contribute any FAQ questions, feel free to post a comment or email me.

I also added one more Natalie Look-a-like photo to the gallery. Wallpapers are coming soon too, someone recently sent me some so there will be lots of new cool looking wallpapers. If you would like to send me fanart as well, that would be awesome.

Posted by: Tricia
13 Apr 2006 - All the Fine Young Cannibals
Just a reminder, TCM would be playing "All the Fine Young Cannibals" at 2:30 EST on April 19. I myself have not been able to view the film yet. Maybe you would love to check it out too.

Posted by: Hydie
11 Apr 2006 - Hello Everyone!
Hi everybody. This is Hydie! I am honored to be helping out on this wonderful Natalie Wood site. Thanks to Tricia's great talent and undying effort, this site has provided one of the best resources of Natalie on the internet. I think everyone ought to give her an all-around applause. Meanwhile, I will be looking out for interesting news, facts, or TV schedules of Natalie's for the next two months, until Tricia finishes her school work and gets back for more updates. I am excited to share my interest in Natalie with you all. Nice to meet you!

Posted by: Hydie
08 Apr 2006 - Slow updates
I'm sorry for my lack of updates. I had some personal problems going on in the last few weeks, but now that that is settled I am back to update.

Just wanted to say that my friend Hydie will be helping me out with the site. She will be dropping by occasionally to post any interesting news that may occur regarding Natalie. Also, I am starting on the Natalie FAQ part of the site. It's going to contain "frequently asked questions" about Natalie. If anyone has any questions they think would be good, please email me. And if you have the answers to the questions even better.

Posted by: Tricia
23 Mar 2006 - The Searchers screencap and more
I added (24) screencaptures from the movie The Searchers, as well as 3 other pictures of Natalie from the 50's (portrait pics).

Also, two fans sent me pictures of themselves, and they are added to the Natalie look-a-like photos section. For those who haven't seen it yet, Penelope is showing March 25, 12AM EST on TCM.

Posted by: Tricia

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